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How to Start Drilling a Hole in Glass, Stone, Ceramic

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If you're using a drill press or bench press this won't apply as you won't be able to angle the drill, but can hold your material in place with a vice, but if you're using a hand held Dremel type drill, flex shaft, pendant drill or rotary tool read on...
If you have problems with the drill bit skittering across the surface of your material angle your drill to start off the drilling. Once the initial hole is made you can drill from a vertical position. This mainly applies to those drilling holes through glass or smooth stone such as pebbles.
Another option is to use a small piece of masking tape on the area where you wish to start drilling, this will help the drill bit from sliding around, very useful for drilling holes through tile or glass bottles.
How to Start Drilling a Hole in Glass, Stone, Ceramic
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