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Opening Up and Enlarging Holes

CS Diamond Tools provide the best quality diamond core bits for you. We are producing the M8 and M22 UNC screw thread adapter for you. Any of drill machine can be used.We can provide diamond saw blades,concrete cutting diamond blades, asphalt cutting diamond blades, stone cutting diamond blades,granite cutting diamond blades,T.C.T wood cutting saw blades for you. Any interested,contact me.
Diamond twist drills are intended to open up holes rather than create them. They are very popular with bead artists to increase the size of holes in beads. Sizes start at 0.5mm and go as large as 3mm.
Tip: Also handy to prevent condensation build up in the windows of your house. If you're suffering with misted up double glazed windows you can use a 3mm twist drill to make a hole on the inside bottom corner window and the outside top corner window. Follow a suitable tutorial on this before attempting it.
Diamond Ball Burrs are intended for shaping, engraving, carving and grinding. There are video's available showing people using ball burrs to drill holes but they are not intended for this purpose and are not nearly as good as the small diamond drill bits we mention at the start of this article.
Shovel shaped and pointed drill bits are also available for driliing holes in hard materials but in our many years of experience these do not work very well. 
Opening Up and Enlarging Holes
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