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diamond saw blade china

Are you looking for the manufacturer oabout diamond saw blade china.
diamond saw blade china
A new type diamond saw blade was developed yesterday by our technologist.We pricing this new type dry cutting diamond saw blade just 0.7 USD.If it was succeed,it will help us open the big market.We required it can cut granite,and the price is lowest in the market.We did the test for it yesterday.But unfortunately it was failed.
We use this new type general purpose dry cut brick, the performance is great.And then we use it cut ceramic tiles,it still good.Fast and easy input the ceramic,and very stable.The ceramic tile's edge is smooth.We were so happy for this new product performance.
But next,we use it cut marble, it showed so hard input the marble,the cutting sound changed. The test worker stopped the cutting, said no.Dry cut can not,we try wet cut,we use water spraying to the segment.But it get no good change.We test the granite stone,still no.Hard input,and
Not all test is succeed, not all of development are succeed, this time this new diamond saw blade test is failed.It can cut brick, ceramic tiles,but hard to cut marble and granite. After all you get what you pay for.
We are still working for it.Working for produce the best saw blade in the world.
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