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diamond saw blades industry

In diamond saw blades industry, there are hot press and cold press technology, the hot press technology diamond tools own lo
ng service life and cutting fast performance, cold press technology produce the blades cheap.
And some difference in the diamond tools are diamond powder formula and the production process.We use silver brazing proce
ss, and my partner factory have laser welding process.
Another important point it is material,the cheapest cold press diamond tools sale 0.38 usd per pcs, it is not reach our material c
ost.Our factory is biggest return factory in Shijiazhuang city for the material supplier.
Whatever the blade matrix and tip teeth.Last two month we return 2 ton cobalt powder because the quality not get to our standard.
You know the cobalt increase the price so high in last two month. We pay more money for return for this cobalt powder.
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