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How a good quality T.C.T saw blade was made?

How a good quality T.C.T saw blade was made?
T.C.T Saw blade quality decide to material,  all T.C.T saw blade industry customers know Jinggong Tip teeth 
and OKE tip teeth is best quality tip teeth supplier in China. My factory purchase Jinggong Tip teeth more than 
3000000 RMB per year. And my factory is the largest buyer which return back the bad teeth to Jinggong factory.
1 Best material, famous brand tip teeth and advanced produce process.It is why our T.C.T saw blade can cut 
steel tube, it is why our T.C.T saw blade price is high. YG8 Tip teeth, lots of Danyang blade use YG6, Even they 
use Houxiang town tip teeth which be made by themself.  
 2 Produce process, CS Diamond Tools use the YG8 Jinggong brand tip teeth, automatic high-frequency welding.
Best quality need highly cost. So lots of customers ask me why my T.C.T saw blade price so high,it is the reason.
3 And  a very important thing about my T.C.T Saw blade. It is Dynamic balance test. Every saw blade,we can do the 
Dynamic balance test. So our saw blade is costly.  
Shijiazhuang ChangSheng Diamond Tools supply the best quality T.C.T saw blade for you. We are working hard for 
make the  best saw blade  in the world.I hope all friend can give us biggest support. 
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